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Mission, Objective


Canal 22's mission is to disseminate best artistic and cultural expressions of Mexico and the world, producing television of the highest quality, assist in the creation of readers and audiences for the arts and promote a critical view of reality, honestly and efficiency, in close association with the citizenry.


The proposal constituted as cultural diffusion within the mass communication media to help generate new audiences for the appreciation, knowledge and enjoyment of the various expressions of art and culture conducive to democratic development the nation.


Canal 22 programming seeks to reach all parts of the country, Mexicans abroad and Spanish speakers worldwide through broadcast and distribution platforms that provide new technologies. Looking for your productions always remain at the forefront of content and formats and obtain the largest national and international recognition, becoming a space for reflection and discussion in which citizens communicate and enrich their critical awareness, strengthening the institution organizational level, technology and finance, aiming at greater social and economic returns.

Last update: 07 de Abril de 2011 4:11 PM