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Canal 22, broadcast television of National Council for the Culture and Arts of Mexican Government, started with its transmissions in June 1993 like a public broadcast of cultural character. This is an Institution who depends of the Education Ministry and the National Council to the Culture and Arts. Its foundation was a response to the request of more tan 1,200 , members of Mexican cultural and artistic community in order to the Government promote the creation of a television which contents get the broadcasting of several manifestation of art and culture, and, at the same time, allow the development of a new audiovisual language of Mexican Television Production.

This project became a reality thanks to the support of the Education Ministry and the National Council to the Culture and Arts, since then Canal 22 started the task to give to his public television shows that come from the different international audiovisual heritage, also the production of its own television shows which subjects had not been taken care by Mexican Mass Media. At the beginning it gave service only to the Metropolitan Area. Nowadays it has a wide national coverage and 14 years of history, Canal 22 have achieve to catch an important sector of the national audience. At the same time, it has served as a permanent link with the most important Universities and Educational Center all over the country, in order to support the development of Mexican education through television.

Practically all the cultural manifestations incorporate its program offer: plastic arts, music, literature, history, dance, movies, animation, mini-series, children shows, TV news and journalist research. Its television production has also considerate to support independent production in Mexico. Thank to that, new audiovisual creators all over the country have found the support and also a forum to their creations.

Canal 22 has started a new way to create television that is focused in consider the richness of mexican cultural expression and disseminate world art and culture.

In addition to the aforementioned, there are outstanding efforts to fulfill our mission of creating and disseminating cultural activities. Specifically it emphasize the establishment of the chair Cultural Television Canal 22-Universidad Iberoamericana. In the same way, the creation of Canal 22 Universal Library, in collaboration with Educal in order to get on sale a collection of Broadcast productions in DVD format.

Nowadays, Canal 22 is transmitted in the United States through an strategic alliance with Mexican Satellite company Satmex and its technological and commercial partners in order to expand its signal from Mexico to the Hispanic population in the United States, transmitting its signal to nine cities with specially designed programs and the best of national production.

As a consequence of hard working in the last three years, nowadays national production has 49% from the total of our programs, with an potential audience of 36 millions people, who receive our signal by national broadcast in 437 cities in the Mexican Republic by cable, SKY, DirecTV, 20 State and 3 Regional Systems, in Mexico City and its suburban areas in Mexican Valley.

Canal 22´s audience has been increased in the last two years in 600% regarding to 10 more viewed channels.

In technical aspect, Canal 22 have improve its audio transmission by the format Digital Betacam SX and the installation of a reception dish system in Canal 22 frequency, which allows to transmit in Stereo to cable systems.

Last update: 15 de Noviembre de 2011 1:51 PM