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Canal 22 signal transmission is emitted across different media, such as:

I.- On Air (Open Frequency)

Our signal is transmitted in the corresponding frequency to Canal 22 from UHF Band, through a dual Toshiba transmitter, model TU-2451 of 60 KW. It is located in Chiquihuite Mountain, thetransmitter station. Canal 22 signal is received in Mexico City and the suburban area of Estado de M茅xico, the south and center of Hidalgo State and y the south of Queretaro.

II.- Cable

Through an agreement with National Chamber of Cable Television Industry, every cable television service all over the country, incorporate Canal 22 signal into their offer of basic channels and packages, without any cost to their subscribers.

Now a days broadcast signal is transmitted in 606 cable system in the country, covering 100% of the total cable system.

III.-Local Broadcast

Televisi贸n Metropolitana has established many agreements with 22 States in the Mexican Republic, through them, public system in the country can link for free with Canal 22 signal and broadcast their own production shows. We can wide our program demand into the open frequency with that.

IV. SKY System

Canal 22 has established an agreement with private television systems who is offered in the country, broadcast signal is transmitted for free to the subscriber. Through SKY System, they can receive Canal 22 signal in Channel 122 all over the country.

V. Satellite

For National Broadcast Televisi贸n Metropolitana , shares a transponder in the Solidaridad II et Satmex 5 Satellites, in this way, ILCE/Canal 22 television signal is transmitted in compressed digital video method, format MPEG-2 transponder 24C, reception frequency of 970 MHz, horizontal polarity, channel 16 of Continental track Satmex 5 Satellite (116.8潞 W) ; simultaneously to the signal that is transmitted through Satellite Solidaridad II (114.9潞 W) in the method of compressdigital video format DVB, transponder 3N, reception frequency 3,720 MHz, vertical polarity, digital Channel 16. Is possible to get any of those two signals with a professional receptor, because they are public signal of EDUSAT System.

Televisi贸n Metropolitana, S.A. de C.V., transmit his International signal by a transponder in the satellite Satmex 5 (116.8潞 W), format DVB, transponder 13C, reception frequency 3948.75 MHz, vertical polarity, this satellite space is provided by Satmex thanks to an agreement between both institutions. The signal is send in a encrypted format (codified) to the users who lives in USA, (Comcast, Direct TV) whom redistribute the signal in their own cable television system and public TV, (DTH), the quality of this signal have an excellent quality with a bandwidth of 4.5 MHz, so the final users receive this signal with the best quality.

For further explanation, please get contact to the phone 5544-1630 and 5549-1167 in Mexico City.

Last update: 15 de Noviembre de 2011 1:03 PM